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How to grant access to submissions via Association, Assignments, Permissions or Sharing
How to grant access to submissions via Association, Assignments, Permissions or Sharing

This article walks through how to grant access to submissions so that user can log-in to access it instead of downloading from the email

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In addition to having a user notified via an email where they can download a copy of their submission directly, there may be scenarios where you would prefer that the user has to log-in to see their submission or check on the status of their application.

In order for a user to log-in and access their submission they must either be Associated, Assigned, or granted access to the data through Permissions.


  1. Co-Registration - This method allows association with a user's email address based on the email address typed into an email field on a form. If they're not a user already a Visitor user will be created automatically based on the email field on the form upon Submission. If they're an existing user (licensed or visitor) the submission will be associated with them automatically based on the email address they type into that email field. Then the only additional step they will need to perform (which is needed by all new users created this way) is to complete their registration through the link received by email. After this is completed they will be able to log-in to see their submissions using that log-in or even using Active Directory.

  2. If you turn on Require Log-in through the Permissions tab this will force the signer to be logged in when submitting a form and this will automatically associate that submission with them so that when they log-in later they can see that submission in their Submitted folder. If they have not created a user yet they will be able to create it by clicking on the link to sign up on the log-in page. Please refer to our guide on how to sign up for a Visitor user for more information.

  3. Save & Continue - In order to Save a form and continue it a later time you will need to have a registered user. You can create the user manually through the Visitor Sign up or if you already have a user you can log-in directly after choosing to Save Your Work. Since you will need to be logged in to continue your submission this will also associate it with the Submitter and show in their Submitted folder.

Assigning Submission to a User

If the person you want to access the submission is one of your licensed users (and thus not a visitor) you can assign the submission to them and they will see ONLY the submissions they are assigned to on that particular form.

Please refer to the following guide on assigning submissions to learn how to manually assign users or set up rules to automatically assign them to submissions:

How to Assign Users to Submissions in the Submission Manager

Granting Access through Permissions

If you would like to grant a licensed user access to all of the submissions on a form you can grant them the ability to View Submissions in the Permissions Modal and this will allow them to see ALL data submitted on a form when they log-in:

Sharing Submissions

After selecting one or more submissions in the Submissions Manager you will then see a Share Submissions button appear in the top right. After clicking this a window will appear that allows you to type in the recipients (these can be existing users, or you can type in an email address for non users), subject line and message that will appear along with your shared submission:

The user will receive an email with a link to the Submission Viewer and also the Access Code that can be used to securely access the submission.

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