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GovOS Studio (SeamlessDocs) 2.0
GovOS Studio (SeamlessDocs) 2.0

This article walks through some of the differences you will notice in the new GovOS Studio (SeamlessDocs) layout.

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GovOS Studio (SeamlessDocs) is launching a new and improved navigation design. Our goal with this update is not just to provide a more modern and streamlined experience for all users, but to migrate all features and functionalities into your GovOS Studio account that may have previously been in other sites like our Portals management.

This update will impact the view for any users logging into GovOS Studio (Owners, Directors, Processors, Analysts & Visitors), and will not affect the form submission experience at all. The new design will provide significant benefits for every account type like:

The Forms Manager will be nearly identical to what you are used to seeing upon first logging in and is where you can Edit, Manage and Create forms as well as access the Submissions Manager.

You will also see the My Submissions/Quick Filters drop down which shows you all forms you have submitted, saved for later, have been shared with you, and assigned to you.

Next to the Forms Manager button will be the name of your organization which will lead you to the My Submission - Visitor Lobby:

The My Submissions - Visitor Lobby is a place unique to each user where they can see the submissions that are submitted by them, Saved by them to continue later, and Shared with them.

The last change is that instead of having one drop down menu in the top right for all account settings we have now broken it up into your Profile (denoted by your username) and Account for main account-wide settings which will be available depending on your user type.

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