Each of the below items  are steps you should take when making a SeamlessDoc Submittable PDF. Click any of the highlighted items below to view articles and details for how to do each one!  

  1. Upload Document

  2. Auto Detect Fields

  3. Clean up extra fields that auto detect accidentally created

  4. Add any fields that were missed

  5. Resize input boxes to accurately reflect what you are trying to create

  6. Make sure single-line inputs and multi-line inputs are accurately noted in the top left in the gray editor bar

  7. Add field labels to all text fields

  8. Make all required fields required

  9. Add date picker to any possible date fields

  10. Add select menu to any possible drop-down fields

  11. Add checkboxes and radio groups that were not automatically detected

  12. Make sure all checkboxes and radio groups are correctly grouped together 

  13. Add Receipt number if you want to generate a receipt for tracking purposes

  14. Add signers and set up signature workflow if needed

  15. Assign fields to the relevant signer.

  16. Add attachments if needed

  17. Check tab order is correct

  18. Customize URL

  19. Customize Letterhead Settings

  20. Customize Email Notifications

  21. Customize thank you page

  22. Add a cover letter if needed

  23. View in live view

  24. Make a test submission

Helpful Videos to Get Started:

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